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 1913 -  Levi & Salaman Guilloche Perfume or Powder Vanity Jar ( £69.95 - Order Number - R101 )


  1930's - Perfume Bottle, Corked and with Guilloche Enamel Chromed Lid ( £29.95 - Order Number - R102 )


 Coming Soon ( £00.00 - Order Number - R103 )



Coming Soon ( £00.00 - Order Number - R104 )



Coming Soon ( £00.00 - Order Number - R105 )



Coming Soon ( £00.00 - Order Number - R106 )



Coming Soon ( £00.00 - Order Number - R107 )



Coming Soon ( £00.00 - Order Number - R108 )


Brass Polishing:

We also offer a brass polishing service, where we remove all exterior brass fittings and polish to a high sheen which seems to be popular when matching a metronome to a piano for display purposes. We do not clean the fittings by default unless we feel the unit warrants it and any item shown on the website without cleaned brass-work is sold as viewed. We will however, under instruction polish fittings once a unit has been purchased for a standard charge of £9.95. Occasionally metronomes can be fitted with nickel silver or copper metal-work and in most cases these are best left to develop a deep handling patina. We will advise if we do not think that a unit would benefit from this service.

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